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    Child Protective Services

    A phone call from Child Protective Services is likely one of the most frightening calls a parent can receive. Robin Strickland can guide you through the interview with CPS and can even be present for the interview.
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    Robin has experience in all stages of adoption proceedings, from representing prospective adoptive parents all the way through filing the adoption petition, terminating the parental rights of any unknown fathers, and obtaining the final adoption decree.
  •   Robin Strickland's Legal Services

    Termination Of

    Parental Rights

    Robin Strickland has represented parents in termination actions for over 10 years. She also has experience representing petitioners who wish to free a child from the legal relationship with their parent.
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    Parental Coordination

    North Carolina law allows for the appointment of a Parenting Coordinator in high conflict child custody cases. The Parent Coordinator in an experienced, neutral third party whose sole role is to promote the best interest of the child.

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Robin trains attorneys, judges and paralegals through continuing legal education courses offered by the Administrative Office of the Courts, North Carolina Indigent Defense Services, the Family Preservation Law Center and Half-Moon Seminars.

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With a background in family, criminal, traffic, juvenile, and social services law, Robin understands how each area can affect other areas. She takes the situation as a whole into account to determine the best course of action to take.

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Contact us to schedule a FREE tele-consultation to discuss your case. Robin welcomes all family law cases in the Raleigh, NC metro area.

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